Using the best raw materials we can find is a fundamental value in the quality and production of Revito shoes. In order to produce the best looking, most comfortable shoe we can, we hand-select the highest quality leather from the best Italian and local Portuguese tanneries. Each hide is checked one by one to ensure even tones and smooth texture to meet the standards of Revito shoes.


We select only the highest grade leather from the best tanneries available. Like many of our other raw materials, we source from the best location backed by tradition and passion to ensure superior quality.


With high-quality materials comes a lifestyle feel of luxury and indulgence. We invest in these premium materials in order to give you an upgraded lifestyle both in feel and in look.


The leather we use is strongly associated with high fashion and peak style. This is a standard we aimed to uphold when designing our footwear. Meticulous effort was dedicated to crafting a high fashion shoe with functional benefits, and we succeeded.