What is the Biodyn-Academy for? 

The Biodyn Academy was founded in 2003 to research and develop Biodyn® Technology, to exist as a source of education and to support seminars for doctors and physiotherapists. 

The Academy has been training around 1,200 physiotherapists to become Instructors for Gate Analysis and teach patients and customers how to walk biomechanically correct.

The head of the Biodyn Academy is Thomas Laser, MD (orthopedic surgeon, chief head doctor of a rehabilitation center). Under his chairmanship, the scientific advisory board was staffed with highly-respected biomechanical, orthopedic and sport medicine doctors and professors (e.g. Prof. Dr. Steinbrück/Stuttgart, Prof. Dr. Urs Granacher/University Jena and Potsdam, Prof. Dr. Silber/Technische Hochschule Frankfurt).

The goal of the Academy is to gather and discuss all available information related to the correct human posture and gait. In addition, we aim to search for biomechanical solutions that correct against the influence of the modern environment (flat and hard surfaces) that humans are faced with today.

Considering that every day more humans experience foot, back, hip, ankle and knee issues, the fundamental question was "What is the best posture and gait for modern humans?" and "What is the best shoe/sole technology to guide humans to adapt to the unnatural, flat surfaces?" 

Based on expert opinions, practical experiences with rocker bottom technology and feedback from customers and instructors, we started create a new internal rocker bottom technology that combines all experience gathered over the years.

Biodyn® Technology has been tested and proven by studies (University of Jena, Basel and Stuttgart) and has been validated by thousands of customers.