The epitome of balance can be found on the coastlines of California -- work & play, sun & sand, luxury & leisure. Based out of San Diego, Revito shoes perfectly reflect this balance in their functional footwear. Step into a lifestyle of comfort, quality, style and adventure with Revito shoes. Everywhere from boardrooms to beaches stand longer, walk farther and stride stronger in every new experience.


The idea of California comfort is known worldwide. We strived to bring in those elements into our footwear, both physically and emotionally.


California is also a land of opportunity in the west. We’ve taken that ambition and ran with it, literally, to design the best shoes for you, no matter the obstacles in our way.


Freedom in California can be found all over -- from the beaches, to the desert, to the mountains and everywhere in between. We’ve designed footwear to take you there and beyond. Experience the comfort, experience the freedom.