An ancient approach to modern movement

Since the dawn of time, the human body was engineered to walk on soft, uneven surfaces
in a way that naturally relieved bodily strain and made for efficient movement.

Problem: Hard, Flat Surfaces

With industrialization came hard, flat surfaces preventing the body from moving naturally. 
The result has been poor posture, muscle atrophy and joint pain.

Solution: Hidden rocker bottom technology

Revito has solved this problem by implementing the advantages of rocker bottom technology into its unique Biodyn technology and discreetly hiding it inside of your shoe. This re-engineering has been designed to bring you back to your natural movement and relieve your body from stress.



It all began in 1995 with a simple desire to live a better life. That desire transformed into a process of engineering technology that could combine the health benefits of walking on sand with quality, designer footwear. This groundbreaking balance technology did what no other shoe could before: stay hidden, creating maximum comfort without sacrificing true, high fashion.

Founder & Inventor